Diablo III Witchdoctor Mask

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This is a replica of the Witchdoctor - mask from Diablo III, modeled in 3ds max.


Printer: Wanhao Duplicator 5s

Material: PLA

Time to Print: about 22h for the mask and the horns takes 15h (with 0,6 mm nozzle)

Layer height: 1,5mm

Infill: 25%

Speed: 50mm/s

Outline underspeed: 60%

I've sliced the model with Simplify3d

The size of the Mask is 24.045 cm in z, 21.995 cm in x and 12 cm in y axis. The Horns are 23.9 cm in z, 13.6 cm in x and 13 cm in y axis .If you don't have a print volume of at least 25 cm in height and 22 cm in width, you have to subdivide the model in parts. The Horns have internal pillars to prevent wobble in the upper areas and I've used a skirt/brim of 20 outlines with a part offset of 0,00 . The mask requires support. If it looks like in the print pictures above, it should go fine.


Well, a lot of sanding, priming and painting with acrylic colors. The feathers are mostly from the hardware store. Thats it!

UPDATE 25.11.2016: added cut versions for printing with smaller build-space. The files "D3-mask.STL" and "D3-mask-horns.STL" are the orginal files  and the rest is the same model, just subdivided in parts for easier printing or lack of build volume!

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