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Pokemon has been around for as long as many of us have been alive. As a pokemon trainer, it is necessary to be able to identify all the pokemon that come your way. Thus,a pokedex was invented, which uses face recognition of a pokemon to provide theirname, type, powers, etc. This pokedex was designed using solidworks and printed on an Ultimaker 2 (thanks to Mitchell Mu!). When scaled down to the desired size (such as in the picture above with 5% infill), this complex beauty can be printed in just 8 hours! It's very easy to print and had no issues when printed! After removing all the supports, this results in a functional assembly that could close, turn, etc. Go from a normal life to a Pokemon trainer in one night! It's perfect for last minute props and even gifts (this would be an adorable stocking stuffer, just saying :). 

Note: to secure the cover properly to the base, insert some glue in the slit in which the two parts meet. This slit is located in the cylinder on the right of the pokedex base. Also, the axle which rotates will have some support filament that will initially obstruct its rotation. Simply move the shaft around and the inner supports will easily break off, allowing smooth rotation.

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