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Summary I saw the basic "Shot Glass Ice Cube" part then immediately wondered why only one? An ice cube tray has several cups to make a bunch of ice cubes ... then I realized that sometimes the freezer gets full of stuff and a big long tray doesn\'t always fit ... so why not make an adjustable tray ??? So I did it like this ... When I was young and drinking I always thought a standard "shot glass" was small ... hence these are oval so they give you a little extra fun ... YES, that bottom design is on purpose ... so if the cups get stuck in the frost of older refrigerators you can get a fork or knife under the edge and pry it upwards ... And yes, this is MakerBotable. This is another of many entries to the contest ... Instructions So MakerBot a couple ... if they work well then MakerBot a few dozen and send me some. They're simple ... puzzle like interlocking handles to create any length ice cube tray you want. You will have to trim the bottoms of two arms square after printing, but otherwise the rest of this should be a straight forward print. If you successfully make this with a 3D printer please send me the build-file and machine type so it can be uploaded here for others to use.

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