Splicer Cat Mask (Bioshock)

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Love the power of vigors but afraid your fellow citizens of Rapture may not appreciate your thrilling new look?  Well then have I got the mask for you.  This half mask will cover your face and enthrall your friends, and keep those dinner invitations coming.  Be the cat's meow.  The talk of any ball or gala.  Wear a mask today!

-=Design=- This mask was designed in Blender.  I was inspired by Audrey2's amazing Bunny Mask, but was disappointed no one had modeled the cat mask yet.  After tinkering for a long while with Blender and some paper mache copies, I think I've managed to come up with a fair replica. 

-=Printing Instructions=- I've included the full mask, and a cut version in the files.  Both versions should be printed with supports.  If you print the full version you won't need the pins, otherwise you'll need to print three pins.  Print 2 of each of the whiskers, one for each side.  You should have a total of six whiskers.  If you print with less then 20% fill make sure to increase the wall thickness.  I have a rather large head so the mask was designed with that in mind.  You may find you want to decrease the size slightly. 

-=Construction=- For the cut version of the mask insert three of the pins in the provided holes.  This will help you line up both halves accurately and ensure a good fit.  It'll also help add some stability.  The whiskers should slide right into the provided slots.  Whisker1 is the lowest, Whisker2 is in the middle, and Whisker3 is the top.  Normal super glue works just fine to hold the whiskers and mask halves together. 

-=Finishing=- I printed my version in ABS, and used the hot acetone method to smooth out the design after a thorough sanding.  Once all the pieces were glued together I used Squadron's putty thinned with liquid cement to fill in the cracks in the seams, applied another light sanding, and primed the mask gray.  I then painted with acrylic hobby paint.


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