Widowmaker's Widow's Kiss Collapsible Sniper Rifle (Overwatch)

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***3/27/18 UPDATE- Apparently the link for assembly instructions is broken, here is a working one thru Mediafire :)


I present the Widow's Kiss! This the iconic sniper rifle carried by the Widowmaker in Blizzard's acclaim game, Overwatch. This prints at 1:1 scale and DOES CONVERT (yes, you read that correctly) from the assault weapon out to the full sniper rifle, over 4 1/2 feet in length. I put a lot of work into this design so it requires no special tools or extra parts to switch from assault to sniper, perfect for carrying around at cons. Moving parts include movable shrouds, telescoping barrel sections, a fold down rear sight, and collapsible main scope. The scope is also hollow with a removable shroud and separate lenses so it can be customized.

Please note, there are additional materials needed (such as pvc pipe, bolts and magnets, all listed below) if you want to build the stronger 'cosplay model' of the Widow's Kiss; this version can better withstand the handling and beating of being handled regularly. I also included printable pipe and hardware if you choose to print a 'display model'. The rifle can still be converted from assault to sniper and has the same moving parts, but it will not be nearly as durable.

Impressed with the rifle in the pictures? Me too! Credit for the printing, finishing, and pictures goes to Nimscraft and Cosplay Galaxsly, while Angelbelle Cosplay was the catalyst for me to create this model. You can check them all out here:





SIZE: Rifle is 1:1 scale, approximately 97cm (38 inches) in assault mode and 139cm (55 inches) in sniper mode

CUT TO PRINT: for a 200mmx150mmx200m height bed

NUMBER OF PARTS: I'm just going to say 40

ESTIMATED PRINT TIME AND FILAMENT USAGE: (will vary depending on your settings)

.3mm layer height, 10% infill, 2 shells, supports on at 45%: 1425 grams filament, 122 hours

(Prototype printed on a Makergear M2 in PLA)

ASSEMBLY GUIDE: I put together a step-by-step guide (with pictures) to help with building the rifle,along with instructions for converting it from assault to sniper. This is a must-have if you want to get the most of the model, you can download the guide from the link below:


MATERIAL LIST (recommended for cosplay model):

(250cm) X 4.8mm (3/16 inch) rods or dowels (reinforcement and alignment rods)

(29cm) X 20mm (3/4 inch) ID PVC pipe (also printable for the display model)

(25) x 4mm round X 2mm thick neodymium magnets (this is what keeps the barrel sections extended or retracted)

(16) X M5 shoulder screws 6mm diameter x 6mm length (these are also printable for a display model)***

***IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BUY SHOULDER SCREWS*** While shoulder screws work the best, they can also be EXPENSIVE.  If you'd prefer to just use regular screws instead and save some money, you will want to print the 'ROTATORS FOR REGULAR SCREWS'   files and use those parts instead; they have smaller holes that will better fit.  You will need (16) M5 screws that are 15mm long (socket head screws look the best to me)

I picked up my magnets from Ebay, and purchased the shoulder screws from Mcmaster-Carr (www.Mcmaster.com) for my cosplay version. The pipe and rod was purchased from the local hardware store. If you run into problems, comment or message me and I'll see what I can do to help. You can see my other work here:


Thanks for checkin' this out!

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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 scope upper.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 upper shroud sight.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 upper shroud.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 printable shoulder pins.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 front frame 2.stl
1.76 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main shroud left.stl
7.04 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 barrel connector.stl
62.6 KB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 printable PVC replacement barrel.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 large barrel.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 cylinder shroud.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main body 2.stl
2.94 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main body cylinder cap.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 front frame 1.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 lower shroud.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 rotators left.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main body 4.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 printable PVC replacement barrel cut in two.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main body 1.stl
4.59 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 riggers.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 rotating sight.stl
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RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 rotators right.stl
2.9 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 scope lenses.stl
725 KB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 scope shroud revised.stl
2.09 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 barrel compensator.stl
2.31 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main body 3.stl
1.69 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main lower grip.stl
1.72 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main shroud rear arch.stl
1.04 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 main shroud right.stl
7.04 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 scope lower.stl
2.5 MB
RackMultipart20161118-21852-5zrhic.zip/1113 small barrel rear lock.stl
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1119 rotators left for regular scrws.stl
2.99 MB
1119 rotators right for regular screws.stl
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