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Let's face some cold, hard facts. the Messograf caliper pen is not especially practical. It's more of a graduation present for someone going off to architecture school or some technical institute. Nobody expects you to really use it. As a pen, it fares a bit better, but here's the other cold, hard fact. The damn thing's a pain to hold. I feel like I'm holding a small sword that hasn't been sharpened. Sure, you can get ergonomic grips for pens, but the Messograf has that miniature broadsword shape to it, so a premade one isn't going to fit very well, and you'll have to grip it unnaturally tight to make it work.

Printed this twice at different infills. Best advice I can give is obviously the lower the infill the more rubbery/grippy it's going to be. The first one was average infill (no specifics given the M3D application, let's say about 60%) and was a very snug fit; needed both hands and a table to slip it on and off the first time. It got better, but I'd say only go thick if you intend to do more writing than measuring. If you're going to switch between frequently, I'd suggest either a lower infill or even scaling it up by a hair.

I don't recommend making it hollow, however. Unless you can put a horizontal layer in the middle of it, it's likely to fall apart if you grip it too tightly.

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