Lego Wreath and Stud, No Supports, Press Fit


Summary Like many others I was frustrated that I couldn't get these to fit because their inner and outer diameter were pretty much the same. So I imported the stl into SketchUp and used the rough measurements to draw another one. I modified the tolerance for the push fit circles at the end of the leaves, and I beveled the inner edge so supports aren't required anymore. I've printed these at 0.3mm on a 0.4mm nozzle with 10% infill in PLA and they fit really well. Some other plastics might need a different tolerance, so I'll upload the SketchUp file with some instructions on how to change the tolerance very soon. 11/4/2016: I've updated the stud ornaments also by adding a beveled inner edge and outer lip. Still modifying the clearances so they might not be perfect yet.

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