Maryland Flag Dual Extrusion

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Summary This is a custom designed Dual Extrusion Maryland flag, since the Maryland flag is so awesome (and my home). This is done in four sections of two colors each- a yellow and black, and a red and white. Print two of each and glue the edges to complete! Note that the White/Red are identical to each other besides orientation. For that reason, I have included both yellow and black, but only the STL for white. Just duplicate the white section and turn it around in your slicer to fit in place. (Black and Yellow are slightly different to prevent slicer issues with touching borders) Print Settings Printer: PowerSpec Ultra 3D Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2mm Infill: 15% Post-Printing You might want to sand the edges a little to ensure strong and flush bonding between parts. How I Designed This This was entirely designed using SketchUp and a picture of a MD Flag.

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