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Summary Why? Why not, seeing the Ape and Turtle are liked I thought I'd have another go at creating a zoo. After printing the support should snap of easy by twisting it and the snake is fully functional. There will be a little support left in the ball joints but this will fall out by playing with it. It's a friendly snake that does't bite or strangle, and it's free! I do appreciate feedback if you print it ;o) Instructions I've included a file with support, that should work on more systems than my own. It cut's down printing time by a hour for me using these settings:

Layer height of 0.15 mm Outer walls speed 60 mm/s, infill 75 mm/s Infill 25%, bottom and top at 0.6 mm and walls of 0.5 mm thick. I advise to use a brim to keep the 23 parts on the build platform until they connect.

I left the model without support on here so you can always create your own support if my method doesn't work for you.

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