Jack Skellington - The Nightmare Before Christmas


A quick 3D i made for a friend and test my ABS glow in the drak filament. Worked well for printing. I welded a ninjaflex filament piece to the back of the print with a extruding pen. 

To easaly convert an image from the web, i use photoshop to make automatic boarders if needed and then convert that into a PDF. The pdf is then converted in cad file by "PDF to DXF converter". I then clean the file in autocad and extrude it. Of course there are other methods but i found this one to work well with my current knoledge. ;) 

P.S. Althow thow extruding pen looks pretty crapy for a toy or art but when it comes to repairing prints or broken ABS household parts, it is verrry usefull. I love it.   

Filament: 704mm (0.09$) Print time: 12min Infill: 50%

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