Mini-Uzi submachine gun with shoulder stock opened. (Replica)

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Micro-Uzi machine gun with support for shoulder.

Nicolas cage.

lord of war.

Yuri's very first arms sale is a batch of  machine pistols, which are sold to local Russian mobsters. As the scene takes place before Yuri's sales in Lebanon (which took place in 1982), the Micro Uzis are anachronistic, since they were introduced in 1986.

Design Files

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round magazine.stl.stl
397 KB
pin support arm.stl.stl
166 KB
Mini-UZI mounted.stl
6.04 MB
317 KB
cocking knob.stl.stl
100 KB
folding stock.stl.stl
282 KB
front sight.stl.stl
167 KB
hand guard.stl.stl
589 KB
pistol grip.stl.stl
914 KB
receiver cover.stl.stl
2.05 MB
support arm.stl.stl
343 KB
293 KB
440 KB


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