Adjustable Doorway Clamp for Baby Swing

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My baby girl likes to swing. Not rock, not be still, swing. Using her car seat and the arm pendulum method was getting exhausting so I designed this clamp to fit on the top (and sides) of an indoor doorway threshold.

Sizing: Measure the height of the perimeter panel (moulding) on your door and pick the model with at least that long of a grip. Look at the pictures to see how to use screws to adjust down to the size of the doorway.

The clamp is ridiculously strong, i was able to hang my body weight on it. We'll be using it as she grows into a toddler size swing. I could see this being used for a workout tool. (I printed in high quality PLA with 8 perimeters and 20% infill.) 

Required Non-Printed Parts: 

(20ft) 1/4" Nylon Rope: 

(4X) Strong Carabiner D-Hook: 

(2X) 5" Long 1/4"-20 hex bolt (bag) 1/4"-20 hex nuts

Refer to photos for a special secure knot.

Design Files

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Doorway_Hanger_Clamp_Half ADJUSTABLE_2.5IN.stl
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Doorway_Hanger_Clamp_Half ADJUSTABLE_3IN.stl
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Doorway_Hanger_Clamp_Half ADJUSTABLE_4IN.stl
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Doorway_Hanger_Clamp_Half ADJUSTABLE_5IN.stl
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Doorway_Hanger_Clamp_Half ADJUSTABLE_6IN.stl
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