Garden Walk Bridge

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I designed and printed this bridge as part of my landscaping decor.    It spans across a 50 gallon pond in my front yard landscaping alongside a lighthouse.    It is approximately 29" long, 4.5" high and 4.5" wide.   It is printed in 19 parts and assembled in order to fit my WANHAO Duplicator i3.      I added six 12 volt LED strips to the inside of the railings to illuminate the bridge.    The railings consist of 4 pieces; left outer, left inner, right inner and right outer.     You will print 2 of each of those.    The walkway is consists of 5 pieces; Slat Panel 1 (X3) and Slat Panel HALF (X2).     The railings are provisioned with holes to mount them to the walkway pieces with #6-32 x 1/2" screws and to each other with #4-40 x 1/4" screws using the Upper Joiner parts.   I have also included the LED strip sleeve part.    You can print these with clear filament and insert a short LED strip piece (3 LEDs) and wire it to 12 volts to illuminate the bridge.   They mount to the top of any of the large railing posts.    See photographs for details.

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LED Sleeve 3.STL
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Left Inner.STL
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Left Outer.STL
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Right Inner.STL
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Right Outer.STL
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Slat Panel 1.STL
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Slat Panel HALF.STL
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Upper Joiner.STL
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