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Summary I saw a picture of this, it was from the Uncharted Game, I liked it so I made my own and now I'm sharing it with you, Enjoy! I have re-loaded the STL to make it larger. I printed it and wasn't happy with the overall size so now it will print larger and its in 4 piece to accommodate a smaller print bed. you can separate the shells in Meshmixer to print the parts separately. Attention to all it was brought to my attention that my original model had some non-manifold surfaces I have fixed the modeled and re-uploaded it as a zip file. I usually check my models before up-loading, I guess I forgot this time, My apologies to you all. please feel free to download the new version, Enjoy! Print Settings Printer: Da Vinci 1.0 Rafts: No Supports: Yes Resolution: 2mm Infill: 30 percent works well Notes: I used a Brim for outer bed support. How I Designed This Software used I used and old 3d program called Daz Hexagon 3D and Meshmixer to create this dagger.

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