Underworld Marcus CorvinusVampier


I took me 2 months to model this on and off, I used Daz male as the primary model from there I used Sculptis to modify the face, body and head, I then used Daz Hexagon 3D molding program to add the boots, wings and skirt. I hope you enjoy this 3D printable model. You can use what ever printing parameters your 3D printer calls for. I personally printed in PLA on my Monoprice Select Mini.

Design Files

File Size

RackMultipart20170320-23113-1enwth0.zip/upper body.stl
50.3 MB
3.35 MB
RackMultipart20170320-23113-1enwth0.zip/Left wing.stl
240 KB
RackMultipart20170320-23113-1enwth0.zip/Lower body.stl
15.9 MB
RackMultipart20170320-23113-1enwth0.zip/Right wing.stl
241 KB
1.11 MB
RackMultipart20170320-23113-1enwth0.zip/lower body w-whole.stl
15.8 MB


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