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Summary Let your freak flag fly! or any other flag you want to make. The flag clip is the same size as the hand and will clip onto any modio stick parts. I included a stick part with this thing, but it's just a normal stick handle from the modio app. The flag is small so try to use under 6-8 letters. The letters will get too thin to print if you add too many. (see photos) Either use the web-based customizer or download the openSCAD file. Have Fun, and share picts of any flags you make. Instructions SPECIAL NOTE! about the setting for descending lowercase characters..(and some "normal" BlackRose characters that dip below the standard bottom of the line). Use this setting to move the text up if any letter bottoms are getting cut descending lowercase letters(like y,g,p,etc), this setting will move the text up so they are not cut off. BUT if you do not have descending lower case letters then this setting will cut the tops off! Yikes!

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