heart shape luster for love

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after many hard working last version of zarbang luster is avalable for you. it is very simple most object needs support and for main shaft i think no need any fill but 0.8 nozzle is need or more. for cover need 30% fill and use colored filament but for main shaft transparent .

have fun. 

if you want to donate me i am very glad. http://zarbang.ir/donations/help-zarbang-live/ or. bitcoin: 16cZXp8HfG5x6qQQk1GDvCMfvTkSygEfbq

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F (repaired).stl
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D (repaired).stl
1.03 MB
E (repaired).stl
1.1 MB
B6 (repaired).stl
79.4 KB
B5 (repaired).stl
62.6 KB
B7 (repaired).stl
43.1 KB
B2 (repaired).stl
82.1 KB
B1 (repaired).stl
54.8 KB
A5 (repaired).stl
69.6 KB
A6 (repaired).stl
87.6 KB
A7 (repaired).stl
50.1 KB
A8 (repaired).stl
150 KB
A9 (repaired).stl
71.2 KB
A10 (repaired).stl
79.8 KB
A11 (repaired).stl
58.5 KB
A12 (repaired).stl
133 KB
A13 (repaired).stl
48.6 KB
A14 (repaired).stl
74.5 KB
A1 (repaired).stl
169 KB
A2 (repaired).stl
92.4 KB
A3 (repaired).stl
88.9 KB
A4 (repaired).stl
117 KB
B8 (repaired).stl
142 KB
B9 (repaired).stl
58.3 KB
B10 (repaired).stl
78.5 KB
B11 (repaired).stl
36.2 KB
B12 (repaired).stl
121 KB
B13 (repaired).stl
51.2 KB
B14 (repaired).stl
56.1 KB
B3 (repaired).stl
69.8 KB
B4 (repaired).stl
107 KB
A (repaired).stl
1.07 MB
B (repaired).stl
852 KB
C (repaired).stl
1.1 MB
G (repaired).stl
1.26 MB
clips a.stl
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clips b.stl
11.2 KB
513 KB
power tunel.stl
424 KB
938 KB
3.97 MB


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