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Summary •• new version with slight changes - "clip 5_1" •• OK, tried a few different clips and guides people have designed for use with the M3D printer external filament feed.. most worked OK but always had issues with it either too tight and I felt like I was gunna damage the harness or too loose and they would pop off 1/2 through the print Job. Also most were kinda annoying to get the filament to feed through the holes. fixed 2 issues with one design ;) This has a lip, so it clips on but rather loosely, then take a regular bread tie wrap to keep it from popping free. ( I actually cut one in 1/2 to keep it small and neat) also the filament is fed through a slot so no more annoying trying to get it to feed... Only issue is, is if you have your spool at the back .. if on the left or right just flip it over, if in the front you should have no issues

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