Summary im a new designer and i couldnt figure out how to add holes to the bottom sides under where the little platform inside is by using a solder iron. No supports needed! Supplies: LOTS of electric/duct tape (preferably duct tape) Water Proof 12volt motor 12volt Duracell battery Some wire with insulation Super glue Plastic Sandwich ZipLock bag Boat Propeller Instructions for water proof 12volt motor: Put the motor in the sandwich back with the rod sticking out of one of the ends of the ZipLock part. Make 2 holes near the top of the bag for feeding the wire through. Grab your duct tape (or electric tape) and then cover the whole bag in about 3-4 layers of tape while also making sure you have covered as much of the ZipLock part of the bag where the rod of the motor sticks out as much as possible while also making sure that the rod can turn. As well as making sure the rod is water proof, make sure you have covered the two wire feed holes in plenty of tape as well You can download the Boat propeller needed for this project right here -->

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