Adirondack Chair

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This is a model of a classic adirondack chair.    The STL files are created from full scale plans so you will need to scale them to fit in your printer space.    Scaling each piece to 20% results in a model chair that is about 7" high, 7" deep and 6.5" wide.    I wouldn't try to print it much less then 15% as it prints all right but assembly gets a bit more tedious.   I have enclosed several picture of the blue and white one I created for my wife.     I used 2-56 hex bolts and nylon locking nuts to assemble some of the pieces but it can just as easily be glued.    The original plans call for each seat slat and back slat to be created and mounted separately.    In my first print of this I found it difficult to assemble those pieces.   I found it easier to create whole up assemblies of seat slats and back slats with thin ribbons across the back and bottom holding the slats together.     Then the whole assembly can be bent to contour in place.   Print 2 identical Side_A pieces, one left and one right.      You may also print 2 of the bottom braces and use the extra one for additional support up under the front of the seat.

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Back Slats All.STL
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Bottom Brace L.STL
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Middle Brace K.STL
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Seat Slats All_2.STL
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