Wide stable y Axis guide bearing mounts for Creatr and Creatr XL

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Summary The right bearing is installed and its a massiv improvement in extruder carriage stiffness. This mod makes the y carriage a lot stiffer. I have had 2 Creatr Printers (both where damaged in transport) I have noted that the y axis is to flexible, i made a 12 mm top mounted bearing to stiffen it up. This helped but the y bearing is still to flexible. This has a serious effect on accurasy, espesially when printing large collections of parts. The printer bearing drifts, resulting in tilted prints. This mount is much wider and does not allow for any paralell drift. I will make the left side block once the right sided block is propperly tested. Printed in PLA 80 deg bed temp and 198 deg c extruder temp. This part is hard to get right i strongly recomend you make and mount the dual spring loaded extruder before printing these parts. PS: this is bound to void your warranty, make sure you know what you are doing before making this mod. Instructions PS ou will have to disasemble your printer bearings. Dont make these adjustments to your printer unless you know what you are doing. This is bound to void your warranty. Full instructions will come later

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