Z-Axis Bed IR Sensor Mount.

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Summary This is an alternative to mounting the IR Sensor to the Printhead. Simply replace one of the Z-Axis Drives Supports with this, wire in the IR Sensor Cable through the Heated-Bed Drag Chain, Affix the IR Sensor to the mount, bolt the two together and away you go. Perfect if you just want to use Mesh Leveling as it will give a consistent reading. Position the IR Sensor facing upwards towards the Upper Support. Requires | 2 x M3 12mm Screws (Bag 9). 2 x M3 Square Nuts (Bag 6). 2 x M2.5 6mm Screws (Bag 5). 2 x M2.5 Square Nuts (Bag 4). *This is untested so any feedback would be great :) Updates 14-06-16 | Altered to lift the sensor up higher. 27-05-16 | Added STP file. Print Settings Printer: BigBox Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: 0.25mm Infill: 20% Notes: Print with E3D's Edge ;)

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