LCD Controller SpiderBro


I designed this in order to hold the Full Graphic LCD Controller for my Robo 3D R1+.

I wanted to create something that I could be a little more creative with as the previous controller housing I made was a simple hinged box (and the hinge didn't work that well).

This print isn't quite complete. There are some critical changes I need to make before it is functional.

1. The box that holds the LCD needs to be deeper as the 8-pin connectors protrude to much to completely close it.

2. The 8-pin connector cable that originally came with the LCD controller I have are not long enough to reach from the bottom of my printer to the LCD controller.

3. Gluing it together was not as easy as I had anticipated. There are round extrusions on the legs that fit into holes on the body, but orientating them all perfectly is a challenge. I think I will change the shape to a square or triangle so it keys in.

I'll change the licence once I have a model that I can more confidently release. 

This will be updated later as I fix it up!

Design Files

File Size

electronics case.STL
4.18 KB
front face.STL
241 KB
leg mirror cut.STL
650 KB
651 KB
655 KB
spider business card holder3.STL
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