iPhone 6 / iPhone 6+ Macro Close-Up Lens Holder


Macro lens adapter for the iPhone 6 and 6+ 

This design fits the iPhone 6 and 6+ as well as the iPad Mini. I designed the original version of this for my iPhone 4 when I couldn't find the close-up image quality I wanted. I found a source for a high quality $5 surplus lens that fits into this for excellent macro images. Check out the example photos. 

PLEASE NOTE: This model will not slide over iPhone 6 and 6+ cases. It fits only on an uncovered iPhone. I am working on one for cases. Print this model and then buy a glass lens for $4.50 from Surplus Shed: http://www.surplusshed.com/. Their part number is L4581. For some reason the search function on the Surplus Shed site won't search part numbers. To find L4581, use the "Lens Finder" on their home page. In "Lens Finder" type:

Lens Type: PCX, Plano Convex

Diameter: 12mm to 12mm

Focal length: 39mm to 39mm

That will get you to L4581.

The lens fits in a recess in the model and is held in place with a drop of Superglue. If you get any glue on the lens, it can be cleaned off with nail polish remover or acetone.


The lens is plano-convex (one side is flat). When inserted in the model, the flat side of the lens should face the phone. Press the lens into the opening before applying any glue. Make sure it is seated all the way against the support ring at the bottom of the hole. Again, do this first WITHOUT glue. Once you are sure the lens is properly seated, from the front, squeeze a TINY drop of superglue, at two or three spots around the edge of the lens, into the seam between the lens and the plastic holder.  Each drop will wick around the edge the lens by itself so you won't need to spread it around. Let the assembly sit for 5 minutes before doing any lens cleaning.

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