MKS-TFT Bezel for 20/20 Extrusion

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Summary Housing / bezel for Maker Base MKS-TFT Touch Screen Controller, available direct from Maker Base on AliExpress or a few eBay sellers. Designed to be mounted on a T-Slot type of extrusion, such as Misumi, 80/20, OpenBuilds, etc. It has a 30° tilt to be more accessible after mounting on the printer. It is a very snug fit with only 0.1 mm clearance all around the board. This was designed to go on the Eustathios Spider v2 IGES and STEP files are included so you may modify the design for your own needs. Print Settings Rafts: No Supports: No Infill: 25% Notes: Printed with whatever you have handy. Printing face down should eliminate the need for any support. The USB, SD and 12v power ports all have knockouts that fill the holes if not used. If your printer prints slightly undersized scale up in your slicer. The internal board mounts with M3 screws. If you use M3 brass heat set inserts (McMaster 94180A331) you will need to drill out the holes larger.

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