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Finally, a clip version of the PapaGuard: The Gravitas Ring. Serious Ring or G-ring for short. Easy to clip on and off.

Only weighs 1.05 Grams!! Sturdy yet flexible. Stabilization of your Proto X, makes it fun for the whole family. Inlcuding your easily frustrated cousin.

Exemplar Circulus: Prototype Circles Over 1000 of the OG’s (Original Guards) and G-Rings now in circulation in over 18 countries!!! Continues to be the number 1 protection for your Estes Proto X or Hubsan Q4 in the world! Easily repaired in the event of a catastrophic collision. 

These propeller guards are just the thing to help you learn how to fly your new Proto X. Protects your little hover bug from bumps and tussles with inanimate objects. Stabilization of zippy, makes it less twitchy. Helps with orientation as well. Helps with the infamous banked turn. 

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