Push fitting filament dust filter


Summary Push fitting filament dust filter for 3mm and smaller filament. You screw the push fitting inside the printed part with two wrenches, put a small piece of fabrik / sponge inside it and make one hole for the filament afterwards. Attach it to your PTFE tube that goes into your extruder cold end and it will collect dust from your filament. Print Settings Printer: My custom 3D printer Rafts: Yes Supports: No Resolution: 0.2 Infill: 20 Notes: When loading the file into e.g. Cura, Mirror Z it so the big hole gets on top, then print it. Print settings - Brim: 20 lines - Shell thickness 1mm - Fill bottom top 0.5mm - Print speed 10mm/s - Temp ex 260C - Temp bed 100C - Filament dia 2.9mm - Flow 115% - Nozzle 0.5mm

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