1200 mAh Feather Battery Pack

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Summary I designed an enclosure for a ADAFRUIT FEATHER 32U4 BLUEFRUIT LE and 1200mAh lipo battery.The MicroUSB slot was enlarged and offset to fit the cable I had. The Feather enclosure is sized to allow the board and jst plug enough clearance to fit snugly. Download STEP File to edit in Fusion360 http://a360.co/2cPfIwq Enjoy! Print Settings Printer Brand: Type A Machines Printer: 2014 Series 1 Rafts: No Supports: No Resolution: .2mm Infill: 8% Notes: Print Speed 20mm/sec Extruder Temp 220 Heated Bed:45 First Layer width 200% Solid Top Layers 10 Bottom Solid Layers 2 Perimeter Outlines 2 Material- Ninjaflex Semiflex. (I am sure cheetah will work with similar settings.)

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