52mm Goblin Knight Charging on Giant Wolf

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Summary Pesky adventurers raiding your dungeon, cleaning out your stash? You need this Goblin Knight to to run them through, play in their guts, and pike their heads at the dungeon door. This model is designed for HIPS printing. It is one of five yet to be finished wolf riders. Check blog and/or instructions below for specific settings. If you don't print Hips I'd scale up about 50%. https://timeportalgames.com/wp/ 28mm model versions available through timeportalgames.com or buy at https://www.shapeways.com/shops/timeportalgames. ASSEMBLY REQUIRED:Will likely require xacto blade, or sanding, and superglue to assemble weapons/shields to figure. We advise the following settings for slicing Layer height: Between .15mm auto_support: Between 1- 1.5mm Fill Density: 40% or greater Many free designs available at https://timeportalgames.com/ Instructions Duel Extrude HIPS Smart ABS 25% fill on wolf 40-70% fill on goblin Feed Rates “feedrate”: 50, “temperature_disabled”: 230.0 }, “firstlayerraft”: { “feedrate”: 50, “temperature_disabled”: 230.0 }, “infill”: { “feedrate”: 50, “temperature_disabled”: 230.0 }, “insets”: { “feedrate”: 50, “temperature_disabled”: 230.0 }, “outlines”: { “feedrate”: 20, “temperature_disabled”: 230.0 }, “raftbase”: { “feedrate”: 10, “temperature_disabled”: 230.0

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