Complete Castle Expansion 1:Buildings & Dungeons 28mm-32mm


Pay a couple bucks here or download for free at The first part is posted entirely on pinshape as well. This is an expansion set for my open source Infinite Castle Design. The castle is constructed from 3d print pieces and laser cut/engraved foam and wood parts. This expansion features a bunch of 3d printed "clips" that allow for you to make various sizes of buildings with windows and doors. The clips can also be used to design dungeons. This is a 3d print/ laser cut mash up. It is a 28mm fort/castle. Print Settings Printer: Power Spec & Makerfarm Rafts: Yes Supports: Yes Resolution: .3 Infill: .15 Notes: Any single extruder printer will do, very few parts even require supports Post-Printing Laser cutting and video You can use any texture you want for laser cutting.Floors are laser cut in one pass using 1/8th inch baltic birch ply . Shingles are cut from 2mm depron foam. Window and door slots in foam are hand cut but you could integrate this into your design. BMP images are raster engraved twice. Once with a half tone dither and once with no dither and a b/w threshold of 90 or so. Walls are laser engraved XLPE and EVA foam. It is laser engraved with a 40w laser at 100% speed and 75% power using no dither @250 DPI. 

low quality youtube preview

Design Files

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