DolceGusto Caps, water drain

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Usually, after use, a lot of water is trapped in DolceGusto caps. It's a problem because in the trash it starts to give back water mixed with all bad stuff contained inthere. Just put the cap in your printed design, press it over the sinks, and the teeth covering the inside design will perforate the lining... all the water will flow out.  You can then throw a dry thing to your trash! Sorry for the pictures where we can see brown spots ; it is coffee spots, because I use it (the same) every day since more than 6 months and white is probably not a plastic wire color to choose. You will need to mount the thing with a screw : M3x30 , M3 blocking washer and an M3 nut. This device is really efficient, strong, and will help you every day eradicating risk of infection in trashes, and help to have clean air in your living.

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