Dan Wesson Airsoft Shotgun Shell

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If this isnt cool i dont know that is: A Shell for your Dan Wesson Airsoft Revolver that holds up to 6 BB´s instead of one, basically turning it into a mini Shotgun.

I designed it to be printed very tight in my printer, meaning the first trys i can just load like 3 BB´s in it. But after some shots you should have full capacity of 6 BB´s! Advantage is like that they dont rattle and dont fall out! It might be your printer is more or less precise than mine, so perhaps you will have to adjust the size of the hole!

Power is more or less equal to the power-down shells, so its playable without hurting anybody.

You should print at very high infill so the bullet is stable.

Shell might seem very long, i made i maximum possible lenght to not waste CO2 ...

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