Fliying Spaghetti Monster Portion Measurer

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Summary Do you have problems cooking spaghettis? Every time you have to choose a fair portion per person you fail miserably? That's because you are not using the: FLIYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER PORTION MEASURER !!! You have two holes, a portion for one person, and a portion for two! Oh no! Tonight Tommy and their friends come home and we' ll be five! Don' t worry! just use the two persons hole twice, and an aditional one of the single portion! Life is beatiful! Isn' t it? As the SFM says: "I am the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Thou shalt have no other monsters before Me. (Afterwards is OK; just use protection.) The only Monster who deserves capitalization is Me! Other monsters are false monsters, undeserving of capitalization." Remember that the SFM loves you! (maybe not but who knows) RAMEN! Print Settings Printer: Prusa i3 bq Hephestos Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Notes: Just be careful if you are going to scale the design. If you scale the design your portions will change! You have the openscad file available to download Open the file and change whatever you want.

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