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SummaryThis is a 6.5" tall miniature Tom Servo figure, created for a set of DVD menus for the TV show. It is designed to be easy to print in parts and paint separately. Coming soon: The puppet version with head turn and mouth control. And of course, Crooooooooww!! Watch in action on my you tube channel here: Watch this space and subscribe to my group: InstructionsEverything should print well without support except for the shoulders, which will need just a bit of support and cleanup. Servo is painted with Testors Red Metal Flake #1529. Some parts are chrome or white. The base is gloss grey, white and black. I assembled the pieces with hot glue, but CA glue would also work fine. For the gumball head, I used this from Ebay: Clear Plastic Ball fillable Ornament favor wrapped candy look 1.5" ball. I trimmed the 'wings' off with a dremel. I've also included a printable version of the dome that could be done with clear filament. Update: There is a 3mm hole through the bases and neck. A piece of 3mm filament can be glued down the middle so that the head can turn.

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