Single Form 2 Build Volume Giant Spiral Tower

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Print this giant tower in a single build volume on a Form 2! The 12 parts stack on each other to make a tower about one Skyler tall (roughly 6'4"). The pieces nest concentrically. For Form 2 users, just download the .form and hit print - no supports needed! 

Once printed, add lights to make a space-efficient holiday tree or put it in your garden and grow some extremely small vegetables (it's not super sturdy)! 

Spraying a UV-blocking clear coat (or any UV-opaque paint) over the final product is recommended to mitigate post-curing-related warping.

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Part 10.STL
2.44 MB
Part 1.STL
2.29 MB
Part 2.STL
2.3 MB
Part 3.STL
2.31 MB
Part 4.STL
2.44 MB
Part 5.STL
2.33 MB
Part 6.STL
2.62 MB
Part 7.STL
2.91 MB
Part 8.STL
2.92 MB
Part 9.STL
2.89 MB
Part 11_a.STL
3.05 MB
Part 11.STL
866 KB
59.4 MB


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