FlashForge Creator Pro Umbilical Bracket


SummaryHi There, The main wire set that I call the Umbilical Cord on my FlashForge Creator Pro is bent over to one side and rubs on the plexiglass top. This is annoying. So I made a very simple bracket that uses the existing cabinet screw. So its very thin, only 1mm, but it works. It doesn't need to be super thick. It employs 1 zip tie to attach the cable to the bracket.You can swivel the bracket in either direction for whatever offset you are looking for. I've been using it for a few weeks now without any problems. Im going to add clips instead the zip tie as soon as possible. Thanks for checking it out.Print SettingsPrinter: FlashForge Creator ProRafts: NoSupports: NoResolution: MedInfill: 50%Notes: This is a very simple thing that prints fast. I just suggest using an infill type that is strong and a heavy infill percentage.

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