Housing for TheRetrofitSource FX-R 3.0 Projector HID Headlight

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I'm building a 1956 International Harvester S110 pickup that's mounted on a 1976 4x4 'highboy' frame. The original headlights were missing/broken but I knew I wanted to upgrade anyways. So, I designed this first version of a housing for a HID projector kit I bought from theretrofitsource.com.  This unit is designed as a sub-assembly that botls directly into a matched plate custom made and welded in place in the fenders of the truck.

The entire project was printed in ABS due to the high heat requirements of housing the projector, and the outside temps. No parts require supports but were printed with rafts. The largest piece was a ~6.5" diameter by 4" tall part.  This piece also has embedded nuts for attaching the rear cap.  The flange will be glued in place using an ABS adhesive or JB Kwik.  I will be testing the assembly in the coming weeks. Wish me luck!

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HID Mount Flange.STL
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