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Gprint Box is an open source 3D printer that can be made in yourbackyard with minimal tools and some printed hardware. With an all steel frame this thing is a tank that can be taken into the remotest of regions. The frame and build volume is scale able. As drawn it is 20.5 inches square and can be collapsed into a 4 inch tall box.

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Extruder Tensioner.stl
218 KB
Filament guide.stl
143 KB
164 KB
Hot End Clamp.stl
77.8 KB
Y -Axis Motor Bracket.stl
359 KB
Z Axis to X Gantry.stl
474 KB
Z Motor bracket.stl
267 KB
8mm rod End Bracket X3.stl
127 KB
Extruder Main Body.stl
944 KB
Extruder Motor Bracket.stl
652 KB


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