Rostock Max V2 spool holders

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Summary These models are for replacing the Rostock Max V2 filament spool holder to reduce drag while printing. One model, which is labeled as "Nylon Holder", is specifically designed for printing Taulman Nylon spools which have a smaller hole diameter, and this directly fits where the stock holder goes. The other model is specifically designed for other standard sized spools. There are two parts to print, the "Just the Max arm" and the "Roller for Max holder". Then assemble them as shown in the picture, or just by using a 4 inch long 1/4-20 hex bolt with a washer and a nylon locking nut. Print Settings Printer Brand: SeeMeCNCPrinter: Rostock Max Rafts: Doesn't Matter Supports: Doesn't Matter Infill: 30%Notes: These should print just fine with no supports. I used Black ABS and HD green PETG. The nylon will need a finer resolution for the name to come out good. Mine was 150 micron.Post-Printing

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