Universal Food Tray (Within Reach Design Competition)

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like without arms, especially without the ability to grip with your fingers? I spent several days observing what I do the most everyday and realized how often I needed to move plates, cups, and other utensils around. Without using my fingers, it would double the time and makes such an easy task feel like a pain. That is when I decided to make a “Food Tray” designed for people with arm disabilities.

I did not want to design things that have already been produced or design another robotic arm. I wanted to design something that is simple and that could be made all in 3D printing without the need for screws or materials. Therefore, I settled with the idea of making a universal food tray.

Designing a food tray may sound way too simple, but so far all the food trays are designed with finger grips. Some may think a food tray is just to make carrying items a little bit more convenient, but to people with limited usage of their fingers; it makes carrying stuff a lot easier for them. That’s why I made this food tray with a special handle design for everyone regardless of his or her finger grip abilities.

Here are some important aspects that have been achieved in my design:

1. Handles are made for people ranging from arm amputation to no disability

2. Handles are easy to assemble

3. The tray has a sleek design (Why not?)

4. The tray is small enough to fit in most sinks but also big enough to hold big items (Makes washing dishes easier)

5. The tray is easy to clean

6. The tray has several slides-in compartments for cups, bowls, plates, and utensils.

People often miss the small things in life. A simple food tray can help people with arm disabilities to move things around with less trouble. This tray makes it easier for them when eating a meal, washing dishes, and even moving other things around the house.

I hope this design will help people with arm disabilities. Thank you for the sponsors of this competition for an opportunity to make the world a better place.

NOTE: The diameter of the holes on the tray is 0.5mm bigger than the handles to avoid printing errors. 

* The tray is free for everyone to print out as long as you don’t steal the design! ;) I hope you’ll find my design helpful! 

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