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3rd Place in the within reach 18 and over!

Have you ever tried to sweep or mop the floor using only one hand? If you do it will cost you way more energy and strength in that one arm. But people with injuries, injuries, paralysis or amputation on one arm/hand generally do not have that strength because they need to use 1 arm to do all daily tasks. My mother is one of those people that uses 1 arm for all the daily tasks which causes her remaining arm to be overworked.

The objective is to make it easier to use a sweeper or mop. I achieved this objective to use a set of open rings with an handle to make it easier to use the sweeper or mop. So I created a set of supports that can be attached to normal broomstick to relieve the arm of some of the strain. The pictures are of the first prototype a few weeks ago.

The inside corners of the rings have rounded edges to prevent blisters, scratches and cuts. The outside is curved to prevent stress-points in the material to prevent breaking. The blades of the rings are slightly tapered to have some flexibility in the top part to make getting in and out of the rings easier. Each part has holes to fit M3 bolts/screws with brass inserts with an Outside diameter of 4mm and a length of 12 mm for the rings and 10 for the handle.

I printed these parts in PLA on a delta style printer using the following settings:

Rings & Handle:

  • 0.2 layer hight
  • 2 outside perimiters
  • 3 top and bottom solid layers
  • 20% full Honeycomb infill


  • 0.2 layer hight
  • 4 outside perimeters
  • 4 top and bottom solid layers
  • 30% full Honeycomb infill


  • Standing upright on the attachment part
  • 0-16mm:
    • 0.2 mm layer hight
    • 25% Full Honeycomb infill
    • 3 bottom solid layers
    • 0 top solid layers
    • 3 outside perimeters
  • 16-29mm:
    • 0.1 mm layer hight
    • 20% Full Honeycomb infill
    • 0 bottom and top solid layers
    • 2 outside perimeters
  • 29mm-end
    • 0.3 mm layer hight
    • 15% Full Honeycomb infill
    • 0 bottom solid layers
    • 2 top solid layers
    • 2 outside perimeters

The sizes of the rings are 50 mm broad 60 mm for the elbow piece, 40 mm broad 60x45 elliptical shape for the wrist piece.

I would be happy to design a specific size for you, Just message me and I will make you a perfect fitting Householdhelp.

This is my first design I have ever uploaded, I hope you like it! What do you think of this design? How can I improve the design? let me know in the comments below!

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Householdhelp allparts.stl
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Householdhelp handle.stl
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