Multi-purpose ergonomic handle grip

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This design was inspired by a young girl with cerebral palsy who couldn't get her deodorant in the right place. This handle clips onto the bottle and gives her a better grip and accommodates for the difficulty she has moving her wrist.  Once we'd made the handle, we saw it could be useful for all sorts of other tasks, and we're sure there are many more we haven't thought of yet! 

To make the handle you'll need:

The 3D printed parts (Handle, left clip, right clip and tri knob)

M5 Nut and bolt (approx 50mm long)

5mm dowel 

Small spring (should fit over the dowel)

Epoxy resin

M5 wood screws (one approx 10mm long and one approx 30mm long) 

Using epoxy resin,  bond the M5 nut into the hole in the left clip, and bond the head of the nut into the tri-knob. Use the wood screws to join the left clip to the handle. Insert the dowel and spring into the left clip (as shown in the image) insert the bolt into the nut and tighten, joining the left and right halves of the clip. You may need to use some foam or cardboard packing to grip smaller objects. 

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