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The "Wrist Assist" is my entry to the Within Reach 3D Design Challenge.  It was created for individuals who may have limited use of their hands and could use assistance with every day objects such as buttons, switches and small objects.  The "Wrist Assist" was designed to be easily slipped onto the users wrist and accepts attachments for different situations.  For example, the "T tip" is great for light switches and pushing/pulling small objects such as the lever on a faucet.  The "Round tip" can be useful to press buttons on keyboards, microwaves and a variety of other uses.  As a longer term goal, it would be amazing to see 3D designers collaborate on this project and come up with more attachments that fit the needs of users.  Future attachments could be pencil grip, stylus grip, fork, alligator style clip etc.  The .stl files uploaded are easy to print.  All files can be scaled as needed to fit the users wrist.  Hope this helps someone out there! Thanks!

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