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As i do not have access to a 3d printer i present my idea. 

Small, compact, portable, always with in reach. This strong multi-purpose pocket tool will make daily tasks easier for people with limited use of there hands .   This design could be placed in your pocket, clipped on or hung around the neck. Military inspired design is rugged yet elegant for male and female use. 

Smooth edges designed for universal scaled perfect fit. Can be scaled to accommodate bigger hands/fingers. Multiple upgrade devices can be designed to clip into six hexaclip holes.

Device can fit one to multiple fingers. 

Simulation Droptest rates at 6 meter drop. 

Upgrades to be considered * toothbrush clip , pencilclip , cutlery clips , toolclip , cutlery clip

Thankyou John-Mark Stols

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multihaptic prototype2.STL
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