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The hand-clip is a clip for your hand where yo can attach a lot of mounts to. It can be used from right and left hander. It can be used from peopel who can't use there fingers or who don't have fingers.

tool holder

The tool holder is the main tool of the design. you van put it on your hand like it is shown on the photos. You can attach every of the mounts to the tool holder. If there isn't a fitting tool holder I recommend to use a bigger one and to fill the freespace with filling material like cotton wool.

stiff mount

The stiff mount can be used to secure a tool very good. There are holes on the outside to secure something with one or several screws (M3 or/and M5).

flexible mount

The flexible mount can be used to hold things like pencils, brushes or other things, which should be exchangeable fast and easy. The flexible mount has fins, which are holding the tool you want to use in place. The flexible mounts have an diameter range from three milimeter the optimal size is the average of the size range.

flexible mount 35°

The flexible mount 35° can be used like the normal flexible mount the only difference between the is, that the flexible mount 35° has an angle of 35° so you can use it better for writing.

smartphone mount

The smartphone mount is made out of four parts. The rail, two slides and a rubber band. First you put the two slides onto the rail, so that the flat sides of the slides show to the middle of the rail. Now you put the rubber band around the two slides. When you now extend the two slides you can pot your smartphone in between. If your printersize is too smal you can print it in two parts (rail part 1+2) and after that you can glue it together. The smartphone mount is for smartphones or other things with a miximum length of 15 centimeter. The maximum hight is one centimeter.

If there are any other tools needed please write it in the comments, so I can edit it.

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stiff mount 25 mm.stl
115 KB
stiff mount 10 mm.stl
122 KB
flexible mount 15-17 mm 35° r.stl
239 KB
flexible mount 13-15mm 35° l.stl
230 KB
flexible mount 9-11mm 35° r.stl
212 KB
flexible mount 7-9 mm 35° l.stl
179 KB
flexible mount 9-11mm.stl
242 KB
flexible mount 7-9 mm.stl
180 KB
flexible mount 11-13mm.stl
236 KB
flexible mount 13-15mm.stl
235 KB
flexible mount 15-17 mm.stl
254 KB
flexible mount 7-9 mm 35° r.stl
179 KB
flexible mount 9-11mm 35° l.stl
207 KB
flexible mount 11-13mm 35° l.stl
238 KB
flexible mount 11-13mm 35° r.stl
205 KB
flexible mount 13-15mm 35° r.stl
230 KB
flexible mount 15-17 mm 35° l.stl
238 KB
rail part1.stl
3.79 KB
rail part2.stl
3.99 KB
3.99 KB
68.9 KB
stiff mount 15 mm.stl
123 KB
stiff mount 20 mm.stl
112 KB
tool holder 21x66 mm XS.stl
34.3 KB
tool holder 78x26 mm S.stl
35 KB
tool holder 100x35 mm M.stl
33.3 KB
tool holder 115x40 mm L.stl
35.6 KB


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