Direct drive mini extruder for Mini i3

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SummaryI do love Kliment/Josef's compact extruder and I have made some variations myself that work pretty well. However, I was a bit disappointed of the small useful area I was getting from my Mini i3 due to the big size of compact extruder. This is a small direct-drive extrude for j-head hotends. Please note it is not a good choice if you want to use it at any speed above 40mm/s with 3mm filament. It can do 100m/s for 1.75mm filament. Now I can get 120x120mm out of my Mini i3, though it has become a slower printer. Perhaps with 1.75mm I will get it up to speed. I am not sure the 625 bearing for the motor shaft is needed but it seems to cause no harm. Lever and spring support, in orange in the pictures, come from will need: 2 M3x20mm 2 M3x18mm 2 M3x30mm 1 10mm diameter spring, 30mm long (mine came from a soap pump) 1 625zz bearing (maybe you can do without) 1 8mm drive gear 1 608ZZ bearing You can likely stop the print once the part is 35 or 40 mm tall (no need to print all the way up the motor support).

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