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This handle was disguised for disabled children but the it will work all the same for adults .

The idea is a handle that can adjust in a lot of ways depending on the specific disability.

(easy build and cheap was on my mind while designing it - 4 pvc peaces 20mm, 5 printed parts and 4 m3 screws)

I built this in mind a non profit.. a little about the project.. 

The handle can become thinner and wider , higher lower. closer and farther away of said driver. Actual handle bars can turn in there socket so you can place the microswitch at any degree for driver to push pull squeeze .. The handle bars pop out of sockets so you can switch between say if you have one kids that's uses the left hand and the other the right hand. Its stable when screws are in.

Go baby go a non profit that fits electric cars for disabled kids. here is my take on a handle that can fit most of the needs of disabled children needs.

my video is in hebrew but if you have questions just message me or comment here..

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