Shadows of Brimstone Experience Token Holder

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SummaryI love playing Shadows of Brimstone. But the sheer number of tokens can be a bit problematic. So I created a series of token holders. As you can see in the pictures the idea is that you have the tokens in the holder for gameplay and then you can put the top on and use some rubber bands to keep them all contained. Then you throw the whole thing in your case. Next time you want to play you take the rubber bands and top off and you are good to go. This has significantly reduced my storage and setup time. This particular thing is for the tokens included for tracking experience (or gold or whatever). You can see in the photos how I use it. I made the size so each token has some leeway of a couple millimeters. This makes inserting and removing the tokens easy for gameplay but keeps them snug enough for storage. Core credit to I took his awesome script and customized it in OpenScad to produce this thing file. He did all the hard work. I just tuned it for Shadows of Brimstone needs.

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