Lunar Cruiser v 4.2


This is not oficial model for Battlefront Gothic. Its Just a miniature what i used to model for our Rogue Trader Campaign. 

It´s not perfect and if you dont like it then dont download it. 

Model after completing is 61mm long.  I working on new version with some upgrades, like weapon on prow, more detail for painting and some suprise.

I hope you excuse my english.

Thanks for:

" Sniper." Great GM for our Rogue Trader Campaing.

"Ariniel and Folcwine" as my best crew for our ship "Císařova výprava"

Your Friend Kadaghma

Ps: If you have some idea for improvement dont be shame to write.

Design Files

File Size

Console Support_V2.stl
684 Bytes
Upper Support_V2.stl
64.1 KB
Base_ support_v2.stl
57.7 KB
Engine v4_2.stl
145 KB
Hull v4_2.stl
8.48 KB
Left Side v4_2.stl
65.7 KB
Mars Pattent batteryv4_2.stl
1.07 MB
Prow_4_2 .stl
229 KB
Right Side v4_2.stl
65.7 KB
Bridge v4_2.stl
22.2 KB


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