Nymphaea thermarum


SummaryFollow Carlos Magdalena on Twitter @Plantmessiah Courtesy of Wikipedia: Nymphaea thermarum is the world's smallest water lily. All wild plants were lost due to destruction of its native habitat, but it was saved from extinction when it was grown from seed at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in 2009. In January 2014, a surviving water lily was stolen from the Royal Botanic Gardens.InstructionsMaterials: Glue stick (not super glue!) 8.5x11 piece of regular white paper I print onto a piece of paper Then I peel the inside off and wash it in water then dry it with a blowdryer so I can bend the stamens up. After drying the inside, I color it yellow with permanent markers. I cut around the petals, leaving the paper backing intact. I blow dry the petals so I can bend & curl them, Set the inside in the outside and then set the whole lily into a bowl of water. You now have one of the world's rarest plants on your table! (And you didn't have to steal it =) Thank you for supporting my art - if there is something you would like me to create for you, please send a message - Liz Havlin

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